• What is Faire?

Faire is an online wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers and brands from around the world.
This way you can purchase from more than 50,000 other wholesalers and I can sell the suitcases worldwide.

  • Why should I order from Faire?

You don't have to, you can always continue to place your order via the regular website. Only Faire offers many advantages for new registrations that I could never offer myself.

Do you NOT have an account on Faire yet and would you like to place an order for the first time?
Then do so via THIS link
* Then you will receive a 50% discount on your first order (up to a maximum of 150 euros)
* Free shipping for one year
* 60-day payment term

Do you already have an account with Faire? Place your order via THIS link and I will not pay any commission on your order.

  • My 50% discount isn't working.

​If you register at Faire, the 50% discount is valid for 7 days. If you are unable to place an order within that period, the discount will expire. I can extend this for you once by 3 days. Send me an email and I will arrange it for you.

  • Do the suitcases cost the same at Faire as at your own online store?

Of course! The prices are exactly the same. Just like the stock. 

  • But don't you pay high commissions?

The commission at Faire is very reasonable. But if you place your order via THIS link, the commission is 0%, in some cases FAIRE even reimburses the shipping costs, so ideal for me.

  • I want to order from Faire but I cannot get an account.

When you place an order with Faire for the first time, your company will first be screened.
To qualify for a retailer account, you must have an online, brick-and-mortar or pop-up store that is open and ready for business. Faire requires a lot of information to thoroughly screen whether you belong in the above categories.
Once approved you can continue ordering

  • My account has been rejected, what now?

You can simply order your suitcases via our own website. My own rules are less strict than at Faire. Often only a VAT number is sufficient.

  • I ordered via your link, but shipping costs were still charged.

This can indeed occur. And this has to do with the fact that you already had an existing account with Faire. The '1 year free shipping' is only for new registrations on Faire via my own link.

  • I ordered via your link but I don't get a 50% discount.

This can indeed occur. And this has to do with the fact that you already had an existing account with Faire.
I do recommend that you ALWAYS order via my link. Then I don't have to pay any commission.

  • I also want to sell via Faire, is that possible?

Of course! Faire encourages new wholesalers. Would you like me to put you in touch? Provide your email address and I will send you a link.

  • Do you have any more questions? Feel free to send me an email.
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